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Maro with mini ice cream sandwich

The Best Ice Cream In New York City

What happens when you combine ice cream & Google maps? A day of unbridled gluttony.

Anna Ruby Falls 3
Lazy Cat

Esri ZIP Code Lookup  Demographics and Lifestyle by ZIP Code

Data Nerds, Check This Out!

What’s the deal with your ‘hood? ZIP Lookup tells you.

Fried Pickles from Southern Hospitality
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New York City Long Exposure

Sometimes, it’s all worth the wait.

snowball app

Utility Belt: Snowball App

So many messaging apps, so little time – Snowball is here to help.

Fashion is the armor to putting up with the everyday hardships of life

Bill Cunningham

My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.

Steve McCurry

fisticuffs and wiz

Is Wiz Khalifa Really Dave Chappelle’s “Fisticuffs”?

Hol’ up! This hooks sounds a bit familiar…

Ross Hero Recommends: TLDR Chrome Extension

The TLDR Chrome extension is like Cliff’s Notes for the internet.