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Maro with mini ice cream sandwich

The Best Ice Cream In New York City

What happens when you combine ice cream & Google maps? A day of unbridled gluttony.

fisticuffs and wiz

Is Wiz Khalifa Really Dave Chappelle’s “Fisticuffs”?

Hol’ up! This hooks sounds a bit familiar…

Ross Hero Recommends: TLDR Chrome Extension

The TLDR Chrome extension is like Cliff’s Notes for the internet.

  • Ice Cream In NYC 181
  • Ice Cream In NYC 130
  • Ice Cream In NYC 154
  • Ice Cream In NYC 144

Meet Maro & Penny (the pup)

Meet Maro & Penny (the pup)

12+ Tips and Tricks to Work Faster in Microsoft Outlook

18 Google Chrome Extensions That Make the Internet a Better Place


so sounds more like you ruined everything


by waiting 2 hours to respond


i had to ask if everyone wanted to do it!!


we have meetings!!


fart meetings


not on Tuesdays

Jason on the Brooklyn Bridge
wall lady
YouTube Certified

I’m Certified

There are two things I’m certified in:  CPR & YouTube.  So, in life, I’m qualified to: 1.  Save your life 2.  Save your YouTube channel All other requests will be dealt with on an ad hoc basis. Thank you.


Sweet Update

And now, a status update from the cherries.


Mr. Mercedes

CHEAT SHEET: Not a “horror” story, but a damn good page turner.

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.

Henry David Thoreau